• December 19, 2022

John Fogerty Congratulates Chris Stapleton For 2022 Grammy Win

In the win-win energy management, your energy grants me power to contribute my new prideful strategies to better each other.
Your money grants me some financial assets to spend cash on public welfare to better our dwelling circumstances.
Money thus flows from you to me to all of us.
And of course you in turn are joyful seeing the pleasant harvests out of your seed-power and seed-money you invested.
Here in the win-win scenario, I win since you win.
Because you win a loaf of bread you need, therefore I win money for the value of bread I have made.


Each of us is the master of this art, as a end result of each personally lives this artwork of residing.
And this grasp is the apprentice who keeps studying every day, each time in a different way from other days.
Being grasp and learner in the identical individual signifies how intimate an art is this art of dwelling.
When such progressively constructive thinking comes over all of us this loving means, unfavorable hatred just goes away.

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As we are continually dissatisfied, we hold creating new myths, to maintain struggling forward.
Such is “progress” that steps us ahead constantly.
Thus myths go into their concretizations, whereas concretized actuality provokes creating more myths and more struggles.
윈조이머니상 is composed of such uphill progress with out ceasing, and nobody is conscious of in what path such “progress” would go.
“Going ahead” is the core of history, no matter what and irrespective of how.

Their selection adds colours and challenges each single day.
The artwork of residing is various, daunting, and exciting.
Besides, my art of living comes out excitingly completely different from yours that is in flip uniquely distinct from hers.

It is apparent that, if you win because I win, as I win since you win, we’re naturally grateful for one another.
This is again as a result of music tunes us into the rhythm of life that’s itself music in heartbeats and in lungs respiration.
Musical remedy successfully helps medication as a end result of music is the entire medication itself.
Since we differ from you, what we expect will benefit “you” might inadvertently harm you.
We should bear with you through your incubation days.

History pushes us forward into managing win-win together in pleasure together.
In addition, fifth, in spite of everything, if something, being a Pollyanna have to be better than being a sourpuss to unreasonably unfold depression in the midst of sunshine.
And so, relentlessly constructive considering has its positive power that nobody can refute in any respect.

Our beautiful artwork of residing is the sheer great factor about win-win administration.
The win-win administration must be done for the sake of supreme beauty of reciprocal joys won collectively.
All this persisting method of optimistic dwelling is the panacea to long life, as constantly exhibited by these alive over one hundred years of age.
We ourselves are the captains of our days.

This implies that any usual art must turn into the artwork of living so as to become the art truly and actually so referred to as.
The arts that develop from the art of residing, now come back home to this very living-art.
Such homecoming of all arts to the art of dwelling quantities to showing how all arts come out of the art of dwelling after which return home to their originative art of residing.
After all, we’re all dwelling, and the artwork of dwelling is our primary home-art.

Caring is on the center of sharing that makes happiness to go round everywhere.
What goes round to you in my caring pleasure comes round to me in your caring pleasure.
All that is the way you and I share my joys to a different “you,” as this new you share your joys to still one other “you,” on and on.

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