• December 11, 2022

My wife is constantly abusive to me! Why Does She Do This?



We all have ups and downs in our emotions. Almost anything, including stress at work, financial anxiety, or even a fight with a buddy, can be blamed for such changes. People who have been married for a significant amount of time are aware that occasionally our spouse ends up having to put up with our poor moods.

We often vent our anger on the people closest to us, and most friends will swiftly sever ties if they perceive you to be sour or disrespectful. With a partner, that is not the case. They are, in a sense, forced to hear a barrage of criticism, and frequently they are at a loss for words. If a person says i hate my wife, his marriage life can lead to separation.

When the wife is continually unhappy, this is what occurs in many couples. That can very easily translate into having a nasty attitude. Any husband who experiences that will get weary of it, as well as of his wife, rather quickly. Take heart if this describes how your life is now playing out. The first step to dealing with it in a way that will give you the peace you need and will restore your marriage to a more respectful, caring place is to understand why your wife behaves in this way.

Each woman is special in her own way, however there are a number of typical causes for a wife’s bad attitude, including:

She disapproves of herself


Life has a way of whizzing by, and before we know it, we’re middle aged, facing retirement, and haven’t done any of the things we imagined we would when we were a bright, youthful, twenty-something. Many women experience what is known as “the mid-life crisis” at the same period as many men do. If your wife is angry with you directly because she is unhappy with who she is at this moment in her life, it is easy for that anger to show.

She still harbors grudges from a previous disagreement


Nobody is as good at harboring resentment as a wife. I can easily attest to that reality as a woman. Women are generally more emotional than males, therefore anything a husband says during an argument may stick in a woman’s memory for the rest of her life. Negative remarks that are the result of disagreement can have a very negative effect on a woman.

Anger is a simple byproduct of those resentful emotions. Your wife might be unable to forgive you for anything you said to her months ago because she is so furious with you. She’s letting her rage fester to the point where her sole objective is to emotionally harm you in whatever way she can.

She is not happy with her marriage


In many ways, marriage is a journey. If you’ve been married to your wife for a while, you know that sometimes the trip is satisfying and rewarding and other times it turns into an unending struggle. The reason behind your wife’s rage may be that she believes your marriage isn’t what it should be.

Every woman wants to feel a strong emotional bond with her husband that she can embrace. She may start to distance herself from you or make critical comments if she becomes frustrated that you two aren’t as close as you previously were. In the same sense, if you are not happy with your wife you will say i hate my wife.

Understanding why your wife treats you badly every time requires being honest with yourself and about the state of your marriage. To face the problems in his marriage, a man must be strong. Focus your emotional energy on getting to know your wife better if you really want to assist her improve her mood. You’ll both recognize how much work you’re putting into your connection.

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